Local Representative

What is a Covenant Local Representative?

A Local Representative is a person who believes in the vision of Covenant International and who will become official representative of Covenant in his or her local community.

Why Representation?

At Covenant, we know our sponsors have a heart for the poor. But for some, sponsoring is only a first step. If you long to be involved in other ways to improve the lives of children living in desperate poverty and help others fulfill their dream and realize their potential, then becoming a Local Representative could be just for you!

Covenant Local Representatives are united together by their passion and desire to challenge and mobilize those around them to help change the lives of children living in poverty and to become a voice for those whose cries go unheard.

Share your passion for helping needy children with family, friends and coworkers. Encourage your friends, community or church to remember the needs of the poor. 

What does a  Covenant Local Representative do?

There is no "one-size fits all" program but here are some things you can do:

  • Promote and represent Covenant’s ministry in your work, church or school and recruit new sponsors.
  • Share about Covenant child sponsorship with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Look for new opportunities to raise awareness of the issues facing children in poverty.
  • Seek out new opportunities to present Covenant’s child sponsorship.

How will I be equipped?

New Local Representative’s are provided with support, encouragement and training from a member of our team and after applying, formal approval process will be given by means a formal letter. The Local Representatives are then authorized to represent Covenant in their local communities.

Little about Us

Covenant International was established to reach, develop and mobilize the nation of Ethiopia and, in due time, other countries. We believe that development of the whole person - spiritual, financial, physical and social - changes an entire community. Covenant International has created an infrastructure in which professionals from other countries can travel to Ethiopia for short-term projects.


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