Sponsorship Stories

How many children do you sponsor?

My mother and I sponsor 2 children through Covenant International.

Why did you choose to sponsor through Covenant?
We chose to sponsor through Covenant because we knew where the money was going and we saw the benefit to the community and to the children. For the amount we donate we are not just changing the lives of the children we sponsor, we are changing the life of the community and eventually that will stretch to the city, province, and the country.

Have you seen photos of your child/children?
Yes we get updated photos of our children twice a year.

Why would you recommend do this to others?
I would definately recommend this sponsorship program to others because I have seen what my money has gone to. Not just for the children but for the entire community with the micro loans that are given to small businesses. It is excellent work and all the money goes to the designated areas. I believe Covenant International has been a good steward of how they have used the money and the selection process of who will receive help and when. I also feel they are connected to the sponsors and are willing to show where their money has gone.

A young Canadian boy shares about his trip to Ethiopia. He sponsors two children every month.

An Inspirational Trip
The trip to Debre Birhan and Tebase was very insightful to me as an individual. There were a lot of things that I remember and ones that I will never forget. Although I’m a youth, everything was very touching because you start to realize now how your life back in Canada is like a holiday that they would never get. After seeing these areas in Ethiopia I was really surprised on how needy everyone is.

Following my trip to Debre Birhan and Tebase I decided to encourage people to help out in this deserving society back in Ethiopia for just $30 dollars a month. This just $30 dollars a month changes an orphan’s life dramatically day by day. This trip was very inspiring and I really appreciate Covenant for their knowledge of this unique project.

I have sponsored two children, a blind boy and an orphaned girl. The reason I joined Covenant is because of their comprehensive approach for community development.

The money I give not only helps the children but also helps the community to become self-sufficient in many areas.

In my trip to Ethiopia recently, I witnessed first-hand the impact my support made on my sponsored children and their communities.

One of my sponsored children is named is Belete. He has been blind since he was a child. When I received the first photo from Covenant, it was very disturbing and heart-breaking. In two years the transformation in the life of Belete has been outstanding. Not only has he shown improvement physically, he has grown mentally and emotionally.

His mother told me that he is a very gifted student and singer. Belete told me that he wants to be a singer when he grows up. This child would not show such change and improvement without the work of Covenant in this poverty-stricken area.

Thank you for allowing me to be a partner in this honourable work.

Little about Us

Covenant International was established to reach, develop and mobilize the nation of Ethiopia and, in due time, other countries. We believe that development of the whole person - spiritual, financial, physical and social - changes an entire community. Covenant International has created an infrastructure in which professionals from other countries can travel to Ethiopia for short-term projects.


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