My name is Habtamuwa Chaka. I am eleven (11) years old, a sixth grade student at Wonji Community School.
I live in Oromia Eastern Shewa Region, in the Adama District Kuriftu PA. Most of the residents in this area were Wonji Sugar Factory retired workers. Now the factory has been transferred to another place. The disappearance of the factory hardened the lives of the Kuriftu communities who were daily laborers at the factory. My mom was one of those laborers with the lowest wages.
During that time, life was very hard for me as a student and for my mom. It was impossible for my mother to afford food for our daily consumption and my school materials.
We couldn’t even eat twice on most days. The days I went to school without breakfast were unlimited. In addition to this, what I never forgot were the challenges I faced because of the lack of school materials, exercise books, bags and school uniforms. My clothes were old and did not fit, which made me ashamed and not happy to go to school. Most of the time, even though I preferred to play with my fellow students, I used to stay by myself because of my clothes. Some of my fellow students insulted me about them.

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