These loans are given to fifteen sponsored children’s mothers. Each of them has received 2,000.00 (two thousand) birr, making a total of thirty thousand birr (30,000.00 birr). They all work in small businesses. Around Sirinka, markets are held twice a week. These mothers participate in the markets in their area of business. They sell vegetables or grain; seamstresses sell tailored garments and others sell animals they have farmed.

Some of the mothers already have experience in business but others don’t. To eliminate hardship and problems for those who have no experience, a meeting is held in Vision for Ethiopia’s center once a week, where they share with one another. This helps them to achieve their goals in business. They are all registered in the Amhara Zone Microloan Agency and start saving as soon as possible. They are supervised by Vision for Ethiopia’s staff and receive help in the day-to-day problems which they face.

Asnaku is a mother of one of the sponsored children in Vision for Ethiopia who is a beneficiary in the Micro-Loan program. She received 2000.00 birr and works in the vegetable business. She is growing her business and has even started to save money. More than this, she is now well able to feed her three children. She is an example of the many mothers in the Micro-Loan program who quickly return their loans after they start growing their small business and continue to work and prosper.