Here is How

Child Visitation

Short Visiting your sponsored child is an unforgettable experience. You can see what lasting changes unfolding for your sponsored child, their family, and surrounding community looks like. This experience with your sponsored child adds to the relationship you have with your child and their family. It will also deepen your understanding of how Covenant International programs benefit the development of your child’s life & community.


Join us at events such as fundraising events, concerts, conferences and church events to help people sign up to sponsor children.

Short or Long Term Mission Trip

If you are interested in taking a short term or long-term mission trip privately or in a group scenario, our organization can facilitate plans for you to do so, as long as you can cover personal expenses.

Partners in Prayer

Lift Covenant International assisted children, families, communities and churches in prayer.


Put your skills and creativity to work by raising funds on behalf of Covenant International.

Share with friends and family

Spread the word on what God is doing through Covenant International by sharing stories and resources or encouraging sponsors within your community to write and pray for their children! Description.