Ethiopia today faces many hardships. It is plagued by poverty, famine, ravaged by war, beset by the scourge of AIDS, lack of vision and dominated by many superstitions. On the other hand, Ethiopia is a beautiful country with much untapped potential.

In the past, billions of dollars of foreign aid from the international community has not helped the country overcome its problems, other than temporary relief. The country needs more than just material assistance; it needs a change of mindset, culture and ways of doing things.

Covenant International constantly strives to be a catalyst for change in a comprehensive manner at a community level. This is being implemented through the various programs we are administering and the training that enrich the spirit, soul and body of the participants.

It is our firm belief that the children of Ethiopia are its best hope for the future. Thus, our main goal is to find sponsors for under-privileged children to give them hope for a greater future. It is estimated that half of Ethiopia’s population consists of children under the age of fifteen.